Electrical control panel design software
Electrical Control Panel Design Software
Industrial Control Panel Design Software
Electrical Control Panel Design Software
Power Control Panel Design Software
Electrical Control Panel Design Software
Electrical Control Panel Design Software
Electrical Control Panel Design Software
Electrical Control Panel Design Software
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How Does It Work ?

The computer simulation is delivered on a CD-ROM which you install on to your system.

Web Based Online LT Panel Design Tool
(LT MCC, PCC, Cubicals - Automatic GA Drawings, Estimation, Busbar Chart, MS Sheet Chart, more than 10000 items to choose from online data base, being updated continuosly)

Account Setup Charges Rs.12,500/- (USD 210)

(Annual Charges Rs.3,500/- (USD 60). To be paid from second year)

Initially, software comes pre loaded with certain data bases of switgears and accessories of reputed and standard makes which you will be using to desing your electrical control panels. If you wish, you can add more items (switchgears and accessories) to data base which you more often use in your designs. Other wise you can also connect to our online latest data base of switchgears and accessories and download the data to your PC or Laptop. Ceratin standard constant values such as copper / aluminium current density, weight etc.,. are taken as defauls values but you can change the same values as per your requirement.

After installation, select a pre loaded panel template. Then choose your item (switchgear, instrument, accessories etc.,.) of required make from the menu and drag it to the template in the design area of the simulator. Select other required item from the menu and place it on any direction of your choice of first item. You get a new size of your panel. This way go on adding items on any direction of already placed items and every time you get final size of the panel till you have added all the required items into the template. There are certain values and parameters which are to be selected before you start your work.

  MS Sheet Chart Generation :

Object browser window contains information of components which are used to design & make an electrical control panel. The user can select component type whether - switchgear or accessory. Then the switchgear is further classified
into various types such as ACB, MCB, MCCB, SFU, COS etc., etc., Further the accessory is classified into meters, indicatores, fuses, selector switchws etc., etc., . Finally, you can select the make (library) of the component you want to use to manufacture your panel. You can view proper ties of components from the object browser. Before using the components it shows you the specifications of the component when you selec a particular component so that before adding to the panel templet you can know the component specifications to save your time from deletion & again adding.

Panel accessories
Panel accessories like - Voltmeter, Ampere meter, Frequency meter, Red Indicator, Yelow Indicator, Blue Indicator, Hinge, Lock, Knob, Contactor, Relay, Timer, Insulator, Busbar - Support, Selector Switch, Control Fuse, Push Button, Earth Fault Relay, Over Current Relay, CT, Electric Motor Starter, Power Factor Meter can be dragged from the object browser and placed upon the panel template as per the design requirement. The library contains various ready components to be used as switchgears & accessories. The designer can easily identify a component as switchgear or accessory.

  Add More Items :

Before starting a panel design you need some basic information to be entered so that the software can use it to do the various calculations. Apart from entering the project & client details you need to give approximate dimensions of the panel you are going to design. No matter if your values are not correct. You just need to enter your assumed values. Then it requires the bus bar position, base frame details, sheet gauge (SWG), mounting plate gauge etc;,. Then it requires the main frame structure sheet gauge, position of cable alleys. All this basic information is required to make detailed output data sheets.

Types Of Panels You Can Design
With the help of this software now you can design any type of 3 phase industrial power and electrical control panels - be it a power control centre (PCC), a motor control centre (MCC), an electrical power distribution centre, electrical distribution board or an instrumentation panel. Design cubical power panels, desk type control and instrumentation panels, floor type control and instrumentation panels. A key tool to design 'Contorl & Relay Panels' using PLCs and SCADA system.

  Automatic SLD Generation :

Depending upon the application, a panel can be a power control centre (PCC), motor control centre (MCC), distribution board (DB) or metering boards (MDB), desk type and instrumentation panel, feeder pillars, bus bar trunking and schematic circuit diagrame. This software has ready made templates to design any type of panel. Just select a template as per your requirement & client specification and you find an outline of the panel you want to design. You can change the predefined dimensions before starting to design a panel. But the final dimensions would be calculated by the software itself once you have placed all the switchgears into it.
The image on the left hand side shows template to design a power control centre (PCC).

Draw Electrical Circuit
The software lets you draw any type of complecated electrical power and control circuits. You draw horizontal and vertical lines and put
electrical symbols upon the lines to complete your electrical (power or control) circuit. Cross over points are automatically converted into shorting-links or may be changed to jumpers or vise-a-versa. The software contains almost all the symboles in its library required to generate electrical power and control circuits. Label all the electrical symboles through a pop up text box - just enter the name/specification of the item and put it near the the symbol. Put ferrul numbering on each wire as per your convenience and requirement. Give color to all the lines as red (R), yellow (Y) and blue (B). Default line color is black i.e., neutral (N). Select line thickness to differenciate between power and control wiring. Rotate electrical symboles by 90 deg or back to best suit the placement upon the power lines. Delete any electrical symbol or power line with right mouse operation. So this software can generate elctrical power and control circuits in semi automatic mode.

  BOM Generation:

In case you are going to design a desk type panel, the software has a ready made template as shown on the left hand side. You have the option to change any of the dimensions before beginning. the tapered part can be set at any angle and its width be increased depending upon the accessories you are going to put on it.
The panel can be floor mount type or a wall mount type depending upon your site and application requirements. The back can carry switchgears like MCB or MCCB with fuse and the connections are to be made on the plate itself. Otherwise you can design a plate in circuit software and import that plate into it.
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Latest Update -

1 - Now design PCC, MCC, Distributioin Centres, Distribution Boards, Machine Control Panels using --------PLCs, Instrumentation Panels, Desk Type Panels,Floor Type (slanted) Panels, Floor Type (plain) -------Panels.
2 - Get General Layout Drawings, Bill of Materials sheet, Estimation & Costing
sheet, Single Line -----------Diagrams, Complete Circuit Diagrams (semi automatic) generation.
3 - Labelling System (for accessories and controls) Added,
4 - Wiring (ferrul) Numbering System Added,
5 - Motor Starter Star - Delta Drawings added and auto selection of materials
as per motor capacity ------and many more...



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