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A Help Note

Let us begin with why we are starting Charity2Smile.com. Today most of the teenagers, youths, house wives, businessmen, professionals, working people, old age people are spending their much of the time on internet surfing Facebook, twitter, linkedin and social networking sites. They access these sites from home PC, Laptop or on smart phones. This surfing is not just for the leisure but it also increases our knowledge base, help us in building new and vast social contacts. And this has been a daily routine with all of us. If we do not go online any day we feel something missing from our daily schedule. In other words net surfing has been an integral part of our daily life.

Its good to keep our self busy, to gain knowledge, to get more social but have we ever thought of people who are far away from the reach of internet, computers, smart phones. Or have we thought of people who need our attention, our help while we are busy with the online surfing chatting with friends. I will say yes we do think but we keep our selves too much busy, feel shy to reach people who are in real need of help, just leave this topic of help for our elders and others agencies like NGOs, Govt. dept. etc.,. We are willing to help but ignoring because of our weaknesses.

This ignorance, this shy nature, this weakness forced me to think something new so that every one must come forward to provide a help to people in need. This need may be financial, medical aid, education support, old age help, women support and so. But be tension free here that I don't need any financial support from anyone.

How To Help Online
I being in online business so made a plan to make an online portal where anyone can come and help the people in need just by casting their FAVOR VOTE. They need not to go anywhere, do not require to make any donation. Just while surfing internet, spare just 2 minutes and logon to http://www.charity2smile.com. You see a list of people who need immediate help for the purpose mentioned along with their details. On the FAVOR VOTE column you just have to click twice to cast your FAVOR VOTE to express your desire to help and that is all what for you were feeling a shy, ignoring others who need your attention. This is the charity we want you to do for other. This one FAVOR VOTE is very help ful for these needy people. Might be you have saved someone's life, may have supported someone in his/her education, may have supported some old people by providing them food and cloths.

I will explain you later how your one FAVOR VOTE is getting converted to an actual help for a needy person.

Guest Favor Vote
Who so ever is logging to our site charity2smile.com is a guest. As a guest you can cast your FAVOU VOTE to 4 needy people. The value of your vote is 0.10. But you can increase your FAVOR VOTE power by 10 times i.e., equal to 1 by just being our registered member. For a registered member you only have to sign up. Click to signup.

Once your voting power is 1 then you can cast your FAVOR VOTE after login into your account. Now you can cast your FAVOR VOTE to any needy person displayed on the page. You can login into your account daily to cast your FAOVR VOTE. This is the only help, time & support we want from your daily but still not a compulsion. You can cast your FAVOR VOTE after any interval. Your 2 minutes a day is very precious for a needy person. So please spare your 2 minute to cast your valued FAVOR VOTE for a needy.

Invite Your Friends
You can send emails to your friends, relatives, colleagues to signup on charity2smile and to cast their FAVOR VOTE. You would be given benefit if your friend cast his/her vote. The benefit would be, display of your photo on the very first page of charity2smile under "Top Scorer of the day".

We will come with more benefits for you soon. But don't expect any monetary benefits as this is a charity service and you are coming here to support someone who really needs your help.

Free Business Pormotion
Registered members who are regular to our website and casting their vote regularly would be given facility to advertise and promote their products, business, services to a huge data base of our registered members. This service is absolutely free. But certian conditions apply.

Make A Help Request
Anyone can make a help request for self or for anyone else after login into his/her account.

Help Update
You can bring your help requests at the top of the list by updating your help requests. You can update your help request as many times as you wish to keep the help request submitted by you on the top. This will keep your request on the top and in the eyes of the guests & members who come at charity2smile daily.













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