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HT Power Transformer Design Software
HT Power Transformer Design Software
HT Power Transformer Design Software
HT Power Transformer Design Software
HT Power Transformer Design Software
HT Power Transformer Design Software
HT Power Transformer Design Software
HT Power Transformer Design Software
HT Power Transformer Design Software
HT Power Transformer Design Software - Download Free
HT Transformer Design

  • Design HT/LT Power & Distribution Transformers
  • Learn & Design HT/LT Transformers Online
  • Design Oil Type & Dry Type Transformers
  • Enter The Basic Inputs
  • And Wait For 60 seconds
  • Get Detailed HT/LT Winding Data Sheets
  • Core Details With Chart
  • Tank & Oil Details
  • GTP * Estimation
  • Turn Ratio Error * Efficiency
  • Refine Your Design - If Required
  • Un Limited Access
  • With Many More Features
Online HT Transformer Design Tool
(3 Ph, 5 to 2000 KVA @ 11/0.433 kV Voltage Class, Oil Type)
Account Setup Charges Rs.12,500/- (USD 210)

(Annual Charges Rs.3,500/- (USD 60). To be paid from second year)

Free Online HT/LT Transformer Design/CT Design/Auxilliary Transformer Design Online Transformer Design
Now use our free online transformer design data calculator and get the design parameters instantly. You can design any type of transformer now - be it HT transformer, LT transformer, dry type transformer, oil type transformer, step down transformer, step up transformer, furnance transformer, isolation transformer, control transformer, auxilliary transformer, current transformer, CT, servo transformer design, copper (Cu) winding transformer, aluminium (Al) winding transformer, high voltage transformer, special purpose transformer welding transformer. You get winding data, estimation, temperature rise in transfprmer windings, oil temperature rise, axial forces, radial forces, tank design data, oil quantity calculation, GTP, winding data sheets. So you get every thing online instantly.

Transformer Design Online

Who Should Buy?

Every professional linked with transformer design, QC, production, purchase, maintenance, repairer & rebuilders, training professionals, engineering students, end users of transformers must posses this transformer design software.

  Accessories - Channels :

Object browser window contains information of components which are used to design & make an electrical control panel. The user can select component type whether - switchgear or accessory. Then the switchgear is further classified
into various types such as ACB, MCB, MCCB, SFU, COS etc., etc., Further the accessory is classified into meters, indicatores, fuses, selector switchws etc., etc., . Finally, you can select the make (library) of the component you want to use to manufacture your panel. You can view proper ties of components from the object browser. Before using the components it shows you the specifications of the component when you selec a particular component so that before adding to the panel templet you can know the component specifications to save your time from deletion & again adding.

Price v/s Benefits
If you are into transformer manufacturing then you would be familiare with the cost a small 25 KVA or a 1000 KVA or even higher rating transformers. If we talk of a 25 KVA transformer, its available in between US $ 800 to $ 1000 (a very basic price and can vary from make to make depending upon the quality and other factors also). So if you sell around 10 pcs of 25 KVA transformers designned using our software, you get your value of buying this software back. In case of higher capacity transformers, say 1000 KVA, even sale of a single transformer would yield out the buying cost of the design software. So its a free software as compared to the results and benefits it gives to you.

  Different Accessories :

Before starting a panel design you need some basic information to be entered so that the software can use it to do the various calculations. Apart from entering the project & client details you need to give approximate dimensions of the panel you are going to design. No matter if your values are not correct. You just need to enter your assumed values. Then it requires the bus bar position, base frame details, sheet gauge (SWG), mounting plate gauge etc;,. Then it requires the main frame structure sheet gauge, position of cable alleys. All this basic information is required to make detailed output data sheets.

" I never did transformer design so fast and so accurate. I always spent thousands of dollars in prototype before making a final product but with this simulation I could save on wasting prototyping" - K. Paul - New York

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